"It seems that really new grounds in science can only be broken if at a decisive point and time one is prepared to leave the ground on which science had been based so far and take a leap into the void". (Werner Heisenberg 1901-1976, German physicist, Nobel Prize 1932). Here you can find scientific texts about innovazym and enzyme combinations such as publications, observational studies and surveys for downloading.

MEF Studien

Studies by MEF

Summary of the following studies by the MF (Medizinische Enzymforschungsgesellschaft e. V.): naturopathic enzyme therapy for back pain, long-term detoxification of the body for workers exposed to heavy metal pollution with an enzyme combination preparation.

MEF Studien

The regulative influence...

... of proteases on low-level inflammations and AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products)


Special print – Enzyme therapy

Medical Journal Oncology No. 1/2009

Wunder der Enzyme

The miracle of enzymes

An interesting article from BIO 4/2016. You can request a free copy of the current year at: BIO Ritter Verlag, Monatshauser Str. 8, 82327 Tutzing, tel. 08158-8022, fax- 7142, e-mail:,


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