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Enzymes are true immune modulators. When the immune system overreacts (e.g. in case of autoimmune diseases), enzymes can suppress the immune system. In contrast to that, a weak immune system is strengthened by enzymes. In other words: Enzymes provide a healthy balance to the human body. Below you can see some examples for the application of enzymes therapies: (Click on the individual fields of application to read more)


Today, the term cancer comprises approximately 100 different types of cancers. The same number of possible causes, courses and complaints can occur. Malignant cell degeneration can be triggered by environmental influences, medicine, hereditary disposition, viruses, bacteria, chronic inflammations, an unhealthy lifestyle or toxins (toxic loads). When there is a malignant degeneration of cells in the body, it is a sign that the immune system might be impaired. The body is not capable anymore to fight those cells adequately and, as a result, a tumour can grow.

How innovazym® can help:

innovazym® can be used as an additional measure to support standard therapy (e.g. chemotherapy or radiotherapy) in order to strengthen the immune system and to support it in the fight against tumorous cells.

Our tip:

1 daily dose of innovazym® CA every day Often, the vitamin D3 level in the blood of cancer patients is much too low. Let your general physician check your blood and adjust your vitamin D3 intake (e.g. innova Mulsin® Vitamin D3) if necessary.

Important note

In any case, a chemotherapy / radiotherapy of conventional medicine is the first priority when it comes to treatment! Only then can a complementary treatment with enzymes etc. be done following consultation with a therapist. Do not take innovazym® on the day of chemotherapy!

Autoimmune diseases – When the body attacks itself

Such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto-Thyroiditis, Bekhterev's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease (sprue), and psoriasis. Those diseases occur when the immune system reacts falsely. It mistakes the body's own tissue for foreign tissue and therefore fights it. The huge variety of symptoms ranges from simple inflammations up to a complete destruction of the body's own structures. In order to allow this to happen in the first place, the immune defence cells, also called T cells, must be "reprogrammed". The normal function of the defence cells is to fight foreign bodies, such as viruses or bacteria. In case of an autoimmune disease, the body's own tissue is mistaken for foreign tissue and attacked as if it were an enemy. While the body tries to repair the damage caused by his own defence, new autoantibodies are produced against the own body and those antibodies continue to attack.

How innovazym® can help:

Enzymes are true immune modulators. When the immune system reacts too intensely (like in case of an autoimmune disease) enzymes can curb the immune system and redress the balance. Enzymes help to replace the misdirected defence cells with healthy, well-functioning cells.

Our tip:

1 daily dose of innovazym® PLUS every day.

Viral infections

A cold, or also called a common cold by experts, is the "little sister" of genuine influenza. The causes of a cold are usually viruses such as enteroviruses, rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, paramyxoviruses or coxsackieviruses. They attack the upper respiratory tract and make themselves noticeable through a cough (bronchitis), the sniffles (rhinitis), sore throat (pharyngitis) or an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis). Hoarseness also frequently occurs when the larynx is inflamed (laryngitis). Slightly elevated temperatures and headaches can accompany the common cold. Genuine influenza, which is caused by influenza viruses, appears differently. These viruses are veritable "quick-change artists", because they appear in a new form every year. Genuine influenza starts suddenly with a feeling of being severely ill, usually accompanied by high fever, shivering, limb pain, dry cough and headaches. Nausea and vomiting can also occur.

How innovazym® can help:

Viral infections cannot be treated by antibiotics, because they only show an effect with bacterial infections. But it is definitely possible to support the body's own defence with enzymes which help to effectively fight against the invaders.

Our tip:

1 daily dose of innovazym®
Drink plenty of liquids and allow the body enough time to recover


An inflammation is primarily a sensible alarm reaction by the body. In the process, messenger substances which activate the immune system's repair systems are released. However, these messenger substances also cause the classic signs of inflammation such as redness, swelling and pain. With an acute inflammation, the immune system only releases messenger substances until healing starts. In contrast, with a chronic inflammation these messenger substances are repeatedly sent out and permanent pains, such as with chronic rheumatic inflammations, occur as a result.

How innovazym® can help:

Enzymes help the body's own repair mechanisms and are able to reduce the messenger substances which trigger a chronic inflammation. Enzymes are valuable helpers with acute as well as with chronic inflammations. They have an anti-inflammatory, detumescent effect, reduce the pains and shorten the healing time. Micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids also contribute towards reduction of inflammation.

Our tip:

With acute chronic inflammations, take a high dose of Innovazym® PLUS every day over a short time, e.g. 1-2 daily doses for the first three days. With chronic inflammations, take a lower dose over a longer period (months to year-round), e.g. a half-dose to a full daily dose of innovazym® PLUS.

Rheumatism (chronic inflammatory disease)

Rheumatism has many faces and can show for instance as arthrosis, arthritis, gout or fibromyalgia. However, what is characteristic for every type of rheumatism is joint pain, inflammations and limited mobility. There is a permanent inflammation process in the body – the chronic inflammation. The body is not capable anymore to regulate the inflammation and chronic pain sets in. With some rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, the causes are not quite clear yet. However, it is supposed that there is an autoimmune-related process in which the body attacks its own tissue. Hereditary and genetic factors also play a role. Approximately 90 % of the patients suffering from Bekhterev's disease carry the HLA-B27 gene which can be detected in the laboratory. However, not only determined parameters play a role in the development of a joint disease. Another important factor is the lifestyle we lead. Obesity, inappropriate biochemical stress, smoking, diabetes and an unhealthy diet can further the development of diseases such as arthrosis or gout.

How innovazym® can help:

Enzymes help to inactivate the messengers that cause a chronic inflammation. That reduces inflammations, pain and swelling. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help immensely since they have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Our tip:

Every day
1 x daily dose of innovazym® PLUS
1 x pack or 4 chewing dimes of innova Balance® to regulate the acid-base metabolism (often impaired by the inflammation).

Injuries / wound healing

There are the most varying types of injuries. But all have one thing in common: the arising inflammation (see section on inflammations). Redness, swelling, pain and restrictions of movement come about in the process. With the help of messenger substances, the body activates the immune system in order to repair the damaged tissue as quickly as possible. The same thing happens after an operation. A strong immune system will heal an injury/wound faster than a weak immune system. That is why it is important to specifically support the immune system here.

How innovazym® can help:

Enzymes and micronutrients have important functions in the body during the healing of injuries. That is why an additional external supply supports the repair mechanisms and contributes to faster healing. Enzymes have an anti-inflammatory, detumescent effect, reduce the pains and shorten the healing time.

Our tip:

With acute injuries, take a high dose of innovazym® PLUS every day over a short period, e.g. 2 daily doses for the first three days.

Vascular diseases

Vascular diseases are among the most common diseases of today's affluent society. They are caused by an impaired blood circulation due to narrowed veins. Sometimes, the blood vessels are partially completely blocked. This can concern veins, arteries and capillaries. In most cases, the cause for this is arteriosclerosis, also known as arterial calcification. Mostly, this condition is "homemade, which means that an unhealthy lifestyle, a lack of exercise and a wrong diet are mainly responsible for such diseases. The most common diseases are strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, varicose veins, venous thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease or vascular damages due to diabetes.

How innovazym® can help:

Providing enough enzymes and micronutrients helps the body to improve blood circulation. Also, the repair mechanisms of the vascular walls are supported by the Omega-3 fatty acids.

Our tip:

1 daily dose of innovazym® PLUS every day. A healthy diet, sufficient water intake (e.g. mineral water) and daily exercise.

Please note: An enzyme therapy is an additional option complementing an orthodox medicine therapy.
The following applies: As much orthodox medicine as necessary – as much immune support as possible!
Welcome side effect of an enzyme and micronutrient therapy: a natural anti-aging effect!

Staying fit and active into old age – who would not want that? However, the present time puts a lot of strain on us which negatively affects our immune system and our cells. Whether it is professional stress, unhealthy food, smoking or the hectic of everyday life – the signs of stress can often be seen by accelerated aging. In this case, enzymes can support the body's repairing mechanisms, the cells regenerate faster, the immune system is activated and the metabolism is more effective. They also act as free radical catchers in the body. This increases resilience, inner well-being and the external aging process can be slowed down. The skin gets better since the formation of wrinkles is delayed, the skin's elasticity is increased and the complexion is fresher. Optimal is a combined intake of enzymes with micronutrients which are also called coenzymes (vitamins, vital substances, minerals) and necessary for the enzyme's efficacy.

"We are pointing out that not all these statements have been approved by orthodox medicine since there is a lack of placebo-controlled studies".

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