Product Advantages

innovazym® products are produced according to the highest quality standards (IFS certification). We produce our products in Germany using premium raw materials. We are determined to only use natural raw materials which can be absorbed by the human body easily and effectively.

Our quality standard for you:

  • premium natural ingredients
  • highly active enzymes (bromelain, papain, lysozyme), no animal enzymes from cattle or pig (except for innovazym® CA)
  • produced without genetic engineering, nanotechnology or animal testing
  • the efficacy of all ingredients has been proven by studies
  • due to the unique combination concept all ingredients are highly effective

Measured in FIP units, innovazym® is the highest dosed enzyme preparation on the German market.

The premium quality is also reflected in the FIP units:

FIP units per daily dose (7 tablets) for innovazym® pure, innovazym® and innovazym® PLUS:
  • lysozyme 30 mg: 1.051.050 FIP
  • bromelain 120 mg: 720 FIP
  • papain 300 mg: 1.113 FIP
  • total FIP activity: 1.052.883 (more than 1 million highest FIP activity)

FIP units per daily dose (6 tablets) innovazym® CA:

  • papain 324 mg: 1.134 FIP
  • trypsin 348 mg: 5.280 FIP
  • chymotrypsin 180 mg: 15.840 FIP

Total FIP activity: 22.254

innovazym® does not contain

  • milk protein
  • lactose
  • colouring agents
  • gluten
  • heavy metals
  • iodine
  • sugar

innovazym® is produced without any harmful additives

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